About Alex:

Alex Abuza is a floral and garden designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  She has designed and planted both edible and ornamental gardens in Maine, Connecticut, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Her floral work consists of floral styling for showrooms and shoots, and floral décor for weddings and both non-profit and corporate events.  Before turning full time to garden and floral design, she worked as a dealer of antique and vintage furniture and objects and in home décor.

An avid outdoors person, she’s traveled and hiked throughout the US, and in Canada, Asia, South and Central America, Australia, and Europe, experiencing the landscapes and natural beauty of these places. It’s her love of the out-of-doors that influences much of the work produced at Alexandra Abuza Floral & Garden.

About our Work:

Whether we are planting a Manhattan rooftop garden, a Brooklyn garden, or creating centerpieces or tablescapes for your wedding or event, our goal is to create something not only beautiful – but experiential. Wherever possible, we reference the natural landscape, using texture, movement, mood and color. With all our installations, our goal is engage senses in addition to sight, such as sound, scent and touch, so that they transport you to another place. 

While our work has an organic quality, our aesthetic is always filtered through our clients’ visions. We are not a firm that imposes our designs on you, but one that takes pride our ability to listen as much as our ability to create. The first part of our job is to hear and translate our clients’ wishes – for their weddings, their brands, their rooftops – into the language of plants and flowers. The second part of our job is to take their visions, and bring them to life, using our expertise to choose the best, seasonal flowers for your event, or, with gardens, to choose the “right plant for the right site.”